Swanson® Organic Beef Cooking Stock, 32 oz.

If you want a full-bodied, USDA-certified organic cooking base crafted with rich, savory beef, hit the kitchen with Swanson® Organic Beef Cooking Stock. Our stock is cooked to perfection by simmering organic farm-grown vegetables with farm-raised beef that have no added hormones or antibiotics. The end result is an undeniably delicious foundation for flavor creation of savory meats and sauces. Get inspired by visiting SwansonStock.com. Swanson® is made from simple, high-quality ingredients you can recognize. Our beef is sourced from farms we trust, and we select the finest vegetables and spices, picked at the peak of freshness. It starts with real beef and bones, then we cook our broths and stocks to perfection to deliver a unique balance of flavor. Use Swanson Stock to enhance the rich flavors of your meat dishes, sauces and gravies.